Since its foundation in 2003, CRAG has been home to many researchers, students, technicians and support staff who have helped build the leading research centre we know today. Many have gone on contributing their knowledge and efforts to social welfare in academic institutes and industries all over the world.

CRAG alumni comprises an always-growing family equipped with priceless skills and experience, which is bound to create a useful support network both for CRAG and the entire scientific community.

The launch of this network is a step towards the development of a lifelong relationship with all these outstanding people, by creating a dynamic platform to connect current and former CRAG members and to equip them with a solid and lasting framework in support of their scientific careers.

The CRAG Alumni Network aims to provide a directory to maintain ties and foster collaborations between CRAG and its alumni, as well as to contribute valuable services to the alumni community.

If you have spent at least three months at CRAG in a scientific position, you are more than welcome to join the CRAG Alumni Network!